First Ever Perfume Bar In Maldives

We offer a wide range of perfumes inspired by designers whose aromatic qualities are long established.
source a high grade of premium quality oils that have the same
fragrance as premium brand perfumes, at a much lower cost for our
customers so that people of all ages can enjoy.


We offer high-quality, long-lasting fragrances inspired by the designer
brands at an affordable price. In our store, you will find your perfect
cheap alternatives to the high street perfumes.

  • What are designer inspired fragrances?

    Inspired perfumes (also called perfume dupes or smell-a-likes) are
    cheaper alternatives for original perfumes from well-known, high street
    brands. In terms of quality, they can be as good as the original
    fragrances. The scent stays on the skin for a long time, and the
    fragrance notes are released in the same way.

  • Why are designer perfumes so expensive?

    The prices of the original bottles can be up to 90% higher than the
    fragrance compositions of inspired fragrances. Why? Because in the case
    of big brands, you pay for marketing and advertising, in which many of
    them invest enormous amounts of money. With equivalents, you pay only
    for the actual cost of producing the perfume, not the cost of the
    marketing campaign. Thanks to that, the luxury of the most expensive
    fragrances can accompany us every day.

  • Equivalent vs. original

    The scent of our inspired perfumes is as close as
    possible to the fragrance composition of the original and is practically
    indistinguishable. It is because equivalents are made with the same or
    similar fragrance notes like those from well-known brands.

    Nowadays, inspired perfumes find many supporters
    who appreciate the benefits of using inexpensive fragrances. There is no
    more reliable information than the opinion of people who use
    equivalents, and these are mostly positive.

  • So is it worth buying inspired perfumes?

    The answer is yes. If you want to save money or try different fragrance
    notes, but the prices of the originals do not allow you to enjoy the
    beautiful scents, then the equivalents of designer perfumes are
    definitely for you! By reducing costs, you do not lose on quality or
    choose an inferior product. Good replacement companies will take you to a
    paradise of magical scents. In addition, you have the opportunity to
    test the equivalents of the best brands around the world.